Our Company

Kemtron Gaskets & Seals is Ireland’s leading gasket manufacturer and distributor of both seals and industrial maintenance solutions. Our product range includes all types of gaskets both metallic and non-metallic.   Our stock of seals and industrial maintenance products includes O Rings, FDA Approved Sealants, Food Grade Sealants, Oil seals, Mechanical Seals, Pump and Valve Packing, Rotary Shaft Seals, Foam, Sponges and a range of glues and adhesives.  We stock brands like Chesterton, Klinger, Garlock, Flexitallic and a range of other leading brands.

Through our low cost shipping facility, we can send our products to anywhere in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and around the globe. Click here to get in touch with us on any stock enquiry and feel free to browse our online shop.  If you have any questions, please call us on +353 21 4965006.


Our Group of Companies

Kemtron Gaskets & Seals is in joint ventures and international partnerships to enhance its services to its global clients. We are able distribute our products through service centers in Birmingham, Belfast, Hartford (Connecticut), Indianapolis, Melbourne, Auckland, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Nanjing, Cape Town and Durban.

Sizonke Trading

South Africa

Sizonke is one of the largest distributor of Gaskets & Seals in South Africa. An indigenous company, it is a challenger to the multinationals in South Africa such as Chesterton, Flexitallic and Klinger. Sizonke is a Black Economic Empowerment (Level 2) company in South Africa.

Optimized Sealing

UK, USA, and New Zealand

Optimized Sealing is a joint venture between Sizonke Trading and Kemtron Gaskets & Seals to become a global e-commerce portal in the distribution for maintenance supplies to parts of the world where manufacturing and processing industries are significant contributor to the local economy.



AIGI is one of the world class companies coming out China.  Founded by a group of American executives from Chesterton, AIGI is an innovator in gasketing technologies and has its own catalogue of patents.  Its most significant innovation is the Fishbone Gasket that reduces the leak rate on fugitive emissions.



SealXpert is an expert in pipe leak repair offering a range of products for pipeline repair, maintenance and overhaul services. These products eliminate or minimize the costs of plant and equipment downtime.