Energy Saving & Emission Reduction

Kemtron Gaskets & Seals is Ireland leading provider of sealing solutions to assist in energy savings, emission reduction and conserve water.
The following a products that will help you achieve Green credentials at your processing facility or in the construction or maintainance of new buildings:

Fishbone Gasket (to reduce emissions)

The Fishbone gasket is an advanced metallic gasket that is superior to the spiral wound or Camprofile gaskets.  The metallic gasket’s green credential are that it helps reduce emissions making it an environmentally friendly sealing solution.

If your organisation is serious about reducing its emission and delivering on its ESG obligations, the Fishbone will help you on your journey at a reasonable cost by enabling you to achieve a further reduction in the emissions.

The Fishbone has the lowest leak rate of any gasket ever tested (1,000,000 times lower leakage then TA-LUFT Test limit and 25 times lower leakage than CFET Test limit) and the only gasket on the market that is designed to adapted to pressure changes in your system without live loading/Disc springs.

If you are looking to reduce leaks, reduce carbon emission and improve the green rating of your facility, the Fishbone Gasket is the only technology available to replace the spiral wound and Camprofile gaskets to meet these objectives.

TempCoat or U Coat (to save energy and fuel costs)

TEMP-COAT® 101 (U-Coat) is an inexpensive alternative to insulation board, insulation foam and fibre glass and Rockwool insulation.  It is non-combustible; takes up no space between the wall cavities allowing you to increase the size of your living or working area; and light weight when used to insulate boats and haulage units contributing to lower fuel costs.

Wrap Seal Ultra (to conserve water)

Water leaks are one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution.  By preventing water leaks, we divert less water from our rivers, bays, and estuaries, which helps keep the environment healthy.  It can also reduce water and wastewater treatment costs and the amount of energy used to treat and pump water.

Wrap Seal Ultra is a quick repair kit for pipe leaks.  By applying a quick cure epoxy onto the leak area and then wrapping the repaired area with a fiberglass cloth, Wrap Seal Ultra creates an instant seal to repair the leak.

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