Gasket Sheets from Kemtron

Kemtron is a major supplier of Compressed Non Asbestos Sheets such as Klinger-sil by Klinger, Garlock, Novus, Reinz and other international brands.

Our Gasket Sheets are made from Neoprene, Silicone, Nitrile, Cork, Viton® Rubber, Polyurethane, PTFE, Butyl, EPDM, Shotblast Rubber and many other materials.

Materials used to make Gasket Sheets

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We also stock a range of European Union Manufactured Food Safe Grade Rubber Sheets conforming to all latest Food Safe Specifications and Best Practice including EU1935:2004, 2023/26 and FDA CFR 177 Sub Part C 177.260.

What Are Gasket Sheets Used For?

Gaskets Sheets are cut out in various sizes to form a compressible leak-proof seal between two surfaces or components.  At Kemtron you can purchase Gasket sheeting or we can also provide a bespoke manufacturing service for any of the Gasket that you require.  We can cut the material to any shape and size making it a fast and cost effective sealing solution.

Gasket sheets are flexible and robust to be used in applications that involve acids, high temperature, corrosive chemicals gases or fluids.  The flexibility and good recovery of these sheets prevent breakage during installation.  Our Gasket sheets comes in many grades and a wide range of thicknesses to allow for different sealing applications.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is the best Gasket Sheet?

This depends on the environment of the application.  You need to consider operating temperature, pressure, chemical compatibility and long-term cost-effectiveness of more robust products over cheaper but less reliable alternatives.

There are many different types of gasket materials on the market, all of which have their own strengths and advantages when used in specific scenarios.  When looking for where to buy your gasket sheets, it’s important to speak to Kemtron as we know exactly which types of material to recommend for which specific applications.

On the other hand if you have a requirement for a specific type, get in contact with us as we stock a range of brands from Klinger, Flexitallic, Garlock and many more.

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