PTFE Envelope Gaskets

Kemtron stocks a vast range of PTFE Envelope Gaskets of standard sizes.  We can also manufacture in-house, any bespoke size you need for your specific requirements.

PTFE Envelope Gaskets

A PTFE envelope gaskets is a composite gasket where the product consists of an envelope of PTFE with an insert material.  The main advantage of an envelope gaskets is that it gives the strength and characteristics of the core material along with the properties of PTFE.  The envelope gasket is mainly applied as a flange gasket in applications where a high chemical and high pressure resistance is required.

At Kemtron we can discuss the appropriate insert material that would be suitable for your application.  The choice of insert material for the PTFE envelope depends on the pressure resistance required.

PTFE Envelope Gaskets are also widely used in chemical plants where there is glass lined equipment subject to high temperature and corrosion.  These gaskets also provide ageing resistance to equipment.  PTFE Envelope Gaskets are used for sealing all acid and caustic media PH 0-14, with the gasket material being used as a filter gasket.  They offer exceptional chemical resistance while sealing in corrosive environments and meet FDA and USP Class VI Standards.  We offer sizes from 12mm onwards with thickness of envelope of 0.5mm or as required.  These gaskets are available in milled or slit forms.

Advantages Of PTFE Envelope Gaskets

The main advantages of PTFE Envelope Gaskets are:

  • Ability to display greater resistance to most chemicals
  • PTFE gaskets contribute to running vibration-free and noise-free operations
  • Suitable for food processing and pharmaceutical applications as PTFE is not contaminating and odourless
  • PTFE envelope gaskets are an ideal sealing solution in environments with low to high corrosion as they are anti-corrosive in nature
  • In high-pressure environments, PTFE can stand the pressure without breaking
  • The PTFE gaskets have the sturdiness to withstand temperatures of up to +250°C depending on the gasket material used

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