Sanitary Gaskets and Tri-Clamp Gaskets

Kemtron is a leading supplier of Sanitary Gaskets and Tri-Clamp Gaskets (Tri-Clover Gaskets) to the Dairy, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries in Ireland.

Our range of Sanitary Gaskets and Tri-Clamp seals can suit many international sanitary requirements and approvals including FDA, EC1935/2004 & EC2023/2006, USP Class VI, and 3A 18-03 Sanitary Standards.

Sanitary Gasket

HyClamp Sanitary Gasket, Tri-clover seals, and Tri-clamp Gaskets are trade names of Sanitary Gaskets.  They are manufactured to satisfy the needs of pipe couplings in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical operation lines.  Kemtron also supplies Sanitary Gaskets made from elastomer materials that are free from Animal-Derived Ingredients (ADI-free).  Tri-Clamp Gaskets (also interchangeably referred to as Tri-Clover Gaskets) are exclusively mounted in a clamp tube made of two ferrules/pipe coupling and a clamp.

Kemtron supplies sanitary gaskets in a range of materials including EPDM, Viton®, Buna-N, and Silicone and Fluoropolymer (PTFE).  All compounds are FDA compliant.  They allow for pipe and tubing connections to be made in a sanitary fashion that is designed to be cleaned in place (CIP) but is easily broken down for further cleaning, inspection and repair.

We also supply Camlock Gaskets.  These gaskets combine the best qualities of two materials, silicone or fluorolastomer as the resilient core and Teflon® on the outside, providing outstanding chemical resistance and thus forming a superior seal.  They can be supplied in Viton, Nitrile, EPDM sanitary gaskets or as FEP Encapsulated Rings.  Kemtron also has specifications for RJT, SMS and DIN materials.

Lower Bacteria Count

Kemtron’s only stocks Sanitary Gaskets and Tri-Clamp Gaskets that are aimed to ensure lower bacteria count; maintains and enhances product integrity; conforms to CGMP; and complies with USDA and 3-A Sanitary Standards.

If you need Rubberfab or any particular brand of Sanitary Gasket and Tri-Clamp Gasket please get in contact with us.  Kemtron also supplies a range of other FDA approved sealing solutions.

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