Spiral Wound Gasket

The Spiral Wound Gasket is a metallic gasket suitable for high temperature and high pressure applications.

Kemtron supplies a range of spiral wound gaskets that are precision-engineered solutions for flanged joints, heat exchangers, boiler handholes and manholes providing resistance to virtually every known corrosive and toxic elements. We also supply other metallic gaskets such as Kammprofile and Oval Ring Gaskets.

If you are continuing to suffer leaks we recommend that you try the Fishbone Gasket – the latest technology in the metallic gasket industry available at a similar cost to the spiral wound gasket.

When Would You Use A Spiral Wound Gasket?

Spiral Wound Gaskets are engineered to cope with high pressures, extreme temperatures and chemical attack. Fluctuations in the pressure and temperature differentials across the flange face and bolt stress relaxation, demand a gasket with flexibility and recovery.

Spiral wound gaskets are used for

High-Temperature service applications.

High-pressure applications.

Corrosive fluids.

Flammable Fluids.

Hydrogen, etc.

What is the best Spiral Wound Gasket?

This depends on the environment of the application. The spiral wound gasket is semi-metallic, comprising of a spirally wound v shaped stainless steel strip and a non-metallic filler material, such as graphite or PTFE. Also on the gasket, is a solid outer ring used for centering and controlling compression. This minimizes the risk of material creep through over-tightening. For the toughest conditions, spiral wound gaskets are available with an additional inner ring. This protects the windings (particularly the filler), from contamination, or attack by the product travelling past the pipeline joint.

There are many different brands on the market such as Klinger and Flexitallic, all of which have their own strengths and advantages. As the spiral wound gasket is made using combination of materials, you need to consider operating temperature, pressure, chemical compatibility and long-term cost-effectiveness of more robust products over cheaper but less reliable alternatives.

Kemtron stocks a wide range of gasket brands for all your requirements.  If you are looking to reduce emissions you should consider the Fishbone gasket, which has the lowest leak rate amongst metallic gaskets in the market today.

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