IMPA & Marine Maintainence

Kemtron is able to support Ship Chandler and other Marine, Boat or Offshore vessel maintenance crews with our range of pump packing, gaskets and seals that are weather and salt water resistant.  We also offer anti-corrosion repair kits, leak repair kits and a whole range of IMPA coded products for the marine and offshore sector.

We recommend the Wrap Seal Ultra as an emergency leak kit that might be useful while out at sea to stop a leaking pipe; and marine insulation coatings that can reduce vibrations and thermal conductivity without the use of fiber insulation materials.

Our TempCoat (UCoat) insulations solution will lower the weight of your vessel saving you fuel costs.

If you need any IMPA code products, please click here to see our list of products that we can source for you at wholesale prices.

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