Independent Advisory Service

Kemtron is the only gaskets and seals company that has not signed exclusive distribution agreement with a third party brand.  We can therefore offer mechanical engineers an unbiased opinion on the best seals to use during the design stage of the plant.

At a design stage, engineers can have a preference towards a specific brand of seal or the use of certain brands for post construction maintenance (for example branded Lubricants).  Large corporations such as Total and Loctite spends significant sums in lobbying for their products to be specified exclusively without an alternative brand being named.

Therefore during annual shut down and maintenance, the MRO team or in house maintenance team are bound by the manual created at the design and constructions stage without any flexibility to use an alternative solution to save costs or deal with an emergencies.  This allows the incumbent brand to increase prices unchallenged leading to super profit margins at the expense of the MRO team.  It also forces the MRO team to purchase an excess stock of maintenance supplies to deal with any emergencies.

To disrupt the cartel mindset of some of these brands, Kemtron works with mechanical engineers at the design stage.  We aim to ensure that the seals, gaskets and choice of maintenance consumables offer the processing plant and their MRO team the flexibility to reduce costs or challenge the incumbent brand for a better price and a better service.

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