Cork Gasket Sheets

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree and has been used as a sealing material for centuries.  Before modern elastomers were developed it was widely used as a gasket material.  Cork gaskets sheets are still widely used in various applications as gaskets for an effective sealing solution.

Cork Gasket Sheets are probably the most environmentally sustainable gaskets sheets in the market.  Cork is cut from the cork oak tree once every nine years. The tree doesn’t die but instead grows a new layer of protective bark.

Cork gasket sheets are produced from high grade cork granules sourced from the cork tree and combined with a synthetic rubber binder (Nitrile, Neoprene or Styrene-Butadiene Rubber).  The combination of the resilience of rubber and the natural compressibility of cork gives cork gaskets sheets superior mechanical strength and improved resistance to oil and fuels.

Due to the close cell structure, cork gasket sheets can be compressed to around half its thickness and still recover when the load is removed.  It’s also lightweight, flexible, and resists attack by water, many oils and even ozone.

Cork Gasket Sheets can be easily cut into custom shapes, making it a popular choice in automotive and low/mid bolt pressure applications.

At Kemtron, our Cork Gasket Sheets are available in sheets or we can custom manufacture your gaskets using our stock of Cork Gasket Sheets.

Key Features Of Cork Gasket Sheets

  • Temperature: -20°C to +120°C.
  • Good flexibility and material resilience.
  • Easily machined into gaskets and custom shapes.
  • Improved properties over un-bonded cork gasket sheets.


  • Electric Motor – Gaskets for shock and vibration control on motor mounts.
  • HVAC –Vibration absorbing gaskets for ducts, furnaces, and compressors.
  • Power & Utility – Gaskets for use in compressors, turbines, and engines that require fuel or oil resistant seals and equipment that need vibration control.
  • Locomotive – Engine gaskets for filters and fuel lines that require fuel and oil resistance. Gasketing for engine mounts to provide vibration and shock control.
  • Material Handling – Gaskets for vibration and shock control.
  • Compressor – Oil and fuel-resistant sealing gaskets and shock & vibration dampening gaskets for mountings.

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