PTFE Gaskets & Expanded PTFE

Industries in various sectors require products such as PTFE Gaskets or Expanded PTFE (ePTFE) for a number of uses. Expanded PTFE suppliers modify the PTFE compound to offer the desired mechanical, thermal and electrical properties for industrial applications.

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What is PTFE Gaskets ?

Polytetrafluoroethylene, popularly known as PTFE Gaskets or Teflon is a sturdy material used in numerous industries. Both PTFE and Expanded PTFE have good chemical resistance. Additionally, Expanded PTFE has better creep resistance and cold flow.

Some of the key characteristics of PTFE Gaskets are as follows:

  • It can perform well in environments with temperatures as high as 260 Degree Celsius.
  • PTFE comes with a low co-efficient of friction.
  • The PTFE material lasts longer as it can stand abrasions.

Some of the industries where PTFE Gaskets is ideal are the ones dealing with: Chemicals, Food and Pharmaceutical sectors.

PTFE is odourless. It is non-corrosive so doesn’t contaminate contents that come in contact with it. That’s one of the reasons why it is approved for use in the food processing industry.

What is Expanded PTFE Gaskets ?

Expanded PTFE sheet is a modified form of PTFE made from 100% virgin PTFE.

The notable characteristics of Expanded PTFE Gaskets are as follows:

  • Expanded PTFE Gaskets offers excellent resistance to cold flow and creep.
  • ePTFE is a popular sealing material as it is highly compressible.

PTFE Sheet or ePTFE Sheet – Which one should you choose?

If PTFE is a robust material then why do we need ePTFE? Here are some reasons for using ePTFE:

  • ePTFE displays good adaptability to sealing surfaces.
  • Expanded PTFE can be customised to gain the required hardness, surface energies, stiffness and more.
  • ePTFE has a multi-directional fibrous texture which allows it to give excellent performance at high surface pressures

Expanded ePTFE sheets can deliver greater performance than PTFE sheets. Due to their enormous demand, Kemtron are offering this flexible material in different densities and dimensions.

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