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Kemtron Gasket & Seals Limited is a major supplier of sealing solutions and manufacturer of gaskets for many of Ireland’s leading companies across several industries.

Our products are used in companies such as: ABB, Apple Inc, Bosch, Defence Forces, Foynes Harbour, Irish Rail, Philips 66, Irving Oil, HSE, Pfizer, Novartis, Feraro Roche, C&C Group, Kerry Group plc, Glanbia and a variety of Irish and international engineering companies who are in the forefront of precession engineering, product innovation and manufacturing.



Kemtron has over 30 years experience in dealing with the Petrochemical Industry.  We have the experience to offer a wide range of sealing products that are compatible with the chemical industry.  We also provide sealing solutions to Power Plants, Power stations, Storage Tanks, Refineries, Port Facilities and the transportation sector.  Gaskets supplied include Spiral Wound, Kammprofile, Ring Type Joints as well as those made from Graphite, PTFE and Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre.



Kemtron offers solutions which prioritize complete cleanliness, traceability, and adherence to FDA /USP requirements.  Kemtron has supplied products for many years that have met the specific challenges within this sector.  We have developed an extensive range of high-quality sealing solutions which are utilised within this highly-specialised industry.  Our client list incorporates some of the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.



We supply FDA Approved Sealing Products utilised in the Ingredients and Flavours Agri Business sector.  Our products satisfy the requirements of the Consumer Food Industry.  On request, we will provide certification and conformation documentation of the materials used.  We also supply Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers for whom we produce precision cut gaskets – to any shape, size or complexity from any Non Metallic sheet material.



Our frequent interaction and collaboration with research centres in Ireland and abroad gives an insight into advances in material science.  This gives us the knowledge to support innovative corporations that are designing Batch Prototype manufacturing.  We have the capability to manufacture from one to many thousands of parts to suit your requirement.  It is our business to help you create.  Our range include gaskets and material cut to any shape or size for Electronic Instruments, Electronic Devices, Electrical Enclosures and Electrical Controls.


Construction & Maintenance

We supply sealing products from greenfield stage to final commissioning.  Kemtron works with Engineers and Project Managers to ensure adherence to project specification.  We also supply extrusions and sealing products to manufacturers of windows, doors and producers of commercial glazing.  In addition we support O&M teams to ensure that they receive emergency support for their seals and gaskets in addition to scheduled maintenance.



We work with a some of the leading oil refineries and a leading global aluminum producer.  We support on site problem solving where environmental and safety issues are top priority for risk management.  Kemtron has developed along with our global partners some innovative pump and valve packings and specific gasket sealing solutions to work in this highly demanding industry.


Power Generation

Kemtron supplies a range of specially developed semi-metal gaskets used for high temperature and high pressure plant and pipeline applications in the Power Generation industry.  These are designed to perform when elevated flow rates and fluctuations in temperatures and pressures put performance level requirements beyond the capability of normal jointing materials.  We supply spiral wound gaskets, Kammprofile, Ring Type Joints as well as gaskets made from graphite material.



We provide solutions to companies within the Aerospace industry.  We supply materials to original equipment manufacturers in the aviation sector and to entities that operate in the providing MRO services.  We also distribute sealing products that meet requirements of BS EN 9100;2003 to the civil and defence aerospace sector.



Our gaskets are from materials manufactured with FDA-approved ingredients per 21 CFR 177.2600.  These include materials that are metal detactable or X-Ray visible.  The food grade gasket materials we use exhibit good abrasion resistance and are intended for repeated food exposure.  Our materials have a longer shelf life and are designed specifically for general Gaskets, Tabletops and Skirting in all areas of food processing.


Brewery / Distillery / Non Alcoholic Beverages

Kemtron supplies a range of gaskets and sealing solution to the beverage sector.  We supply materials like EPDM and Silicone containing FDA White listed ingredients which are safe for repeated use in food and beverage manufacturing.  Kemtron manufactures standard as well as custom gaskets and supply O’Ring kits, Bonded Seals and distribute a range of FDA approved sanitary gaskets.


Process Engineering

We have a history of collaborating and problem solving for process engineers on material requirements where the focus is on design, operation, control, and optimization of chemical, physical, and biological processes.  Process engineering encompasses a vast range of industries, such as chemical, petrochemical, agriculture, mineral processing, advanced material, food, pharmaceutical.



Kemtron supplies Elastomeric Gaskets and Seals, Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), High Temperature Vulcanised (HTV) Silicone Rubber, Room Temperature Vulcanising (RTV) Silicone Rubber and other thermoplastic materials for many different medical sectors.  We also supply door seals for dry heat sterilisation ovens, Clean Room Seals and other gasketing materials for the healthcare and medical device sector.


Mechanical Engineering

Kemtron is a leading supplier to the Engineering and Construction Industry in Ireland.  We supply sealing materials to major contractors involved with new build projects including: Plants ranging from Fine Chemical, Refineries, Gas plants, Wind farms, waste- water specialists and a variety of other Chemical plants.  We rigorously follow specifications provided from initial bidding through to final stage commissioning and certification.

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