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We carry a range of materials that can be used in various industrial processes. Our materials can be used at extreme temperatures and pressure points.  On request we can provide a certificate of confirmation on material traceability and specification.

Kemtron’s investment in modern machinery and technology allows us to service our customers within the changing requirements of industries, product innovation and developments in manufacturing processes.  Computerised cutting technology and digital shape recognition software provides customers with the service of manufacturing complicated designs in a matter of minutes.  By using our digital imaging software we can offer our customers a “cutting service” where we can copy manufacture a gasket sourced from outside Ireland saving our customers in delivery costs, custom duties and lead times.

Our workshop in Cork will manufacture a complete range of gaskets and seals from non-metallic materials, to specific international standards and customer requirements.  We also keep metallic gaskets and a range of maintenance supplies in store.  We carry products in stock for immediate delivery and have diversified base of logistic partners to allow our products reach our customers on site at any global location at short notice.

product-imgs-1We manufacture every type of cut joint in any non-metallic material including compressed non asbestos, rubber, cork, gasket paper, graphite, felt, foam, nylon, plastics, etc.  Our cutting technology allows us to produce any shape required without the need for special tooling.  This gives the option of allowing even “one-off’ gaskets to be produced quickly.

product-imgs-2The metal strip of a Spiral Wound Gasket provides outstanding recovery whilst the flexible filler ensures excellent sealing.  Kemtron supplies a range of spiral wound gasket that provide precision-engineered solution for flanged joints, heat exchangers, boiler handholes and manholes providing resistance to virtually every known corrosive and toxic elements; and for the use in high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

boiler-sparesKemtron supplies a large range of boiler maintenance spare parts.  These include, Boiler Door Joints, Graphite Packing Sleeves, Gauge Glass Cones, Gauge Glass Tubes, Borosilicate Glass, Ceramic/Glass Webbings, Rope, Ladder Tapes, Fire Blanket, Ceramic paper and Fibrefrax Board.

product-imgs-11Kemtron stock a range of gasketing materials and non-Asbestos jointings to cover a host of different applications.  Non-Asbestos Fibre Gasket Materials are made from a base fibre (glass, aramid, carbon etc.) with a rubber binder.

sanitory-gasketsWe supply a range of sanitary gaskets that are used in food and dairy processing, breweries and distilleries, and the pharmaceutical sectors.  All our sanitary gaskets and tri clover clamp seals are FDA approved and have been certified for use under European Union regulations.  We also supply Metal detectable seals, gaskets, joints & strips used in sensitive food, drink and pharmaceutical applications.

extrusionsKemtron can offer a range of extruded rubber profiles to suit almost every application.  The compounds we offer include: Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Silicone, Viton®, Santoprene and Natural.   Some of these materials are suitable for extreme temperatures ranging from -60°C to +200°C and are used for high temperature sealing, heat sealing and oven seals.  We also supply extrusions for door and window seals.  Our service covers the design of tooling, supply of sample, manufacture and delivery.  We are able to manufacture most profiles from samples or drawings.

product-imgs-6These gaskets are used in chemical plants where there is glass lined equipment subject to high temperature and corrosion.  These gaskets also provide ageing resistance to equipment.  We offer sizes from 12mm onwards with thickness of envelope of 0.5mm or as required.  These gaskets are available in milled or slit forms.

product-imgs-4Our range of foam materials include expanded forms of Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Polythene, Polyurethene, open cell industrial sponge and Silicone.  We are able to manufacture items ranging from large gaskets to the smallest washers with or without adhesive backing.

product-imgs-8Expanded PTFE gasketing material is manufactured using a patented process.  The multi- directional strength inhibits creep and cold flow and limits the possibility of blow out.  Ideal for rough or damaged flange faces, it rarely needs re-torquing and provides long lasting performance.  Universal chemical resistance allows this material to be used in virtually any application.  Excellent results can be achieved with limited bolt forces and irregular or fragile flanges.  We supply various sizes and thicknesses.

product-imgs-5Rubber jointing has different uses and is manufactured in a variety of grades.  Choosing the right grade is vital for performance and economy.  Consideration must be given to the environment in which the rubber compound is to work and how it is expected to perform.  Kemtron can supply a range of ealstomers such as : Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton, Silicone, EPDM, Food Quality Natural rubber, Insertion, Shotblast, and Butyl.

ptfe-gasketsKemtron supply a wide range of PTFE (Telfon) products including sheet, rod, bar, threaded seal tape, O’Rings and PTFE envelope gaskets.  We stock PTFE in various forms such as Virgin, Expanded PTFE (soft PTFE), Softchem, Inertex, Goretex, Gylon & Uniflon to meet costumers requirements and specifications.

product-imgs-7Cork based gaskets and sheeting  are produced from high grade cork granules with a synthetic rubber binder (Nitrile, Neoprene or Styrene-Butadiene Rubber).  This combines the resilience of rubber and the natural compressibility of cork giving the material superior mechanical strength.

ptfe-teflonTeflon® is a familiar trade name for PTFE made by DuPont.  A Teflon PTFE is chemically inert, weatherable, has excellent electrical insulation, high temperature resistance, a low coefficient of friction and non-adhesive properties.  Shrinkable tubing is also used as roll covers and to protect electrical parts or components.  This PTFE can also be skived or extruded into tapes and films that can be used for seals and gasket materials.

product-imgs-9We offer a full range of Stainless Steel Bellows from 25mm to 150mm (vacuum rated) for glass to glass, or glass to other materials.  All metal parts are in 304L Stainless Steel including compression springs and the bellows material is manufactured from Virgin PTFE.

product-imgs-10We supply a complete range of British Standard and Metric range of O’Rings.  Special sizes can be manufactured (cord and vulcanised joint) from a range of materials such as Nitrile (NBR), Viton, EPDM, Silicone, PTFE, Chemraz, Neoprene and Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) encapsulated (SIlicone/Viton). We hold an extensive range O’Rings at our factory for immediate dispatch.

pump-packingKemtron supplies a complete range of braided, moulded and extruded packing for both dynamic and static applications.   Our packing products are available in a variety of textiles including graphite, proofed fibre-glass, PTFE and Non-Asbestos materials with metal reinforcements.

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