Design Engineering

(Medical Devices and Non-Medical Devices)

Kemtron is a leading supplier to design engineers and inventors of both medical and non-medical devices.  We offer components such has gaskets, foam, rubber and other soft material to design engineers to create their prototype.

Kemtron stocks a range of FDA approved material to assist medical device companies and its engineers to create and test their inventions prior to commercial roll out.

For regulatory purposes we are able to supply certificates of origin for all our FDA approved material.  We also supply a range of rubber and silicon for the design and creation of robots and other mechanical and electronic devises.

Research & Innovation

Kemtron supports the work of our researchers at UCC, Tyndall Institute, UCD, DCU, UCL, UCG, Trinity and TUD on soft materials for their research and development projects.

We have a range of FDA approved materials that could be used to create conditions for medicinal and pharmaceutical research.

We have materials that can deal with extreme temperature and extreme environments for space research and deep sea investigations.  We stock and supply soft material for building of robots or other devices for university research and prototype development.

Reverse Engineering (for MRO Crews and Maintenance Engineers)

Kemtron will also help maintenance engineers create prototypes to ensure the longevity of their plants.

For example, where customers have machinery that has a broken seal or damaged soft component such as foam or rubber piece, Kemtron will be able to custom manufacture to replace these components saving you time and capital cost of machinery replacement.

At Kemtron all our rubber, foam and gaskets sheets are sourced from the UK and the European Union.  This ensures that you receive traceability, high quality and assurance that standards are met to help you develop world class inventions or increase the longevity of your assets.

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