Mechanical Seals

Kemtron can secure a comprehensive range of Mechanical Seals for all the major product types.  There are a multitude of sizes and materials available.

Mechanical seals applications ensure operational reliability of mechanical seal pumps, compressors and reactors, because the majority of all mechanical seals repair to pumps can be attributed to sealing problems.

What is the best mechanical seal for your application? It depends: balanced and unbalanced mechanical seal ? Dynamic or stationary mechanical seal ? The large number of different types of mechanical seals means that even maintenance experts often mechanical face a complex purchasing decision.

Range of Mechanical Seals

Apart from the design of the mechanical seal, the individual boundary conditions of the pump seals in which the mechanical seal is used are decisive factors for the service life of the mechanical seal.  The range of Mechanical Seals are vast from low cost producers to niche mechanical seal manufacturers that offer a superior sealing performance.  From Component Mechanical Seals to Cartridge Mechanical Seals – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

A cost effective alternative to Mechanical seal are Pump Packing & Valve Mechanical Packing.  However certain mechanical seals applications are:

How to deal with a leaking Mechanical Seal? The Mechanical Seals was probably not the right one.  In certain situations where Mechanical Seals have failed we would recommend using the premium seal created by Tamar Seals that solve the failures of Mechanical Seals.

The Tamar seal is not like any other mechanical seal.  There are no sealing faces or springs and nothing is breakable within the cartridge.  The Tamar mechanical shaft seal technology combines all of the benefits of the conventional sealing methods to create a synergetic solution that contains eight layers of protection against mechanical seal leakage. The result is Zero leakage even under extreme conditions of dry running mechanical seal, slurry and extreme run-outs. Kemtron is a distributor of Tamar Seals.  Contact Kemtron For Mechanical Sealing Solutions, please visit their website here.


The following is a comparative analysis of Packing vs Mechanical Seals vs Tamar’s (MTZ) Seals:

Mechanical Seals

Every industry and application has its own requirements.  Kemtron will identify the best solution to serve your need.

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