Oil Seals & Rotary Seals

At Kemtron we offer the split rotary seal as our main oil seal (rotary seal) offering.  It works exactly the same as a conventional oil seal (rotary seal) or a bearing seal except they are design with a split allowing them to be install without dismantling the equipment.  This allows you to quickly and easily replace worn or damaged lip seals leading to less down time, significantly less labour costs and ultimately less cost of production.

Why Use a Rotary Seal?

Why would you need an oil seal (rotary seal)? Precision engineered bearings are designed to last thousands of hours, perform at high speeds, high loads and temperatures but the bearing seals manufactured to protect these bearings are not and often will fail well before the bearings do and cause oil or grease to leak or allow dirt into this critical area.  Once the seals fail you have no choice but to strip the equipment and replace the seals, in many cases bearing are replaced as well just because the equipment is open.

Oil seals (rotary seals) are designed to endure the strain of continuous movement in an environment where they are exposed to contaminants such as grit, dust and dirt such as hydraulic pumps and valve stems.

Kemtron’s AIGI 5505 split rotary seal is designed with a double split and double lock feature allowing you to replace your oil (rotary seal) with rapid speed allowing you to reduce operational downtime and reduce maintenance costs.  The duo-lock design improves the overall elasticity of the seal while the wedge cutting technology significantly upgrades the integrity of the split joint.  The double split also creates double security to disrupt the leak path and engineered so that oil or grease stays in and the dirt stays out.  To replace the seal just take it off the shaft and put on the next one.

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How To Install Oil Seal

The following are its features and an illustration on how to install:

Rotary Seal

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