Pump & Valve Packing

Kemtron supplies a complete range of braided, moulded and extruded packing for both dynamic and static applications.  Our packing products are available in a variety of textiles including graphite, proofed fibre-glass, PTFE and Non-Asbestos materials with metal reinforcements.

Valve Packing + Pump Packing

What is the difference between valve packing and pump packing? In the case of pumps, the packing is generally designed to allow some leakage between the sleeve/shaft and packing to provide lubrication and heat removal due to the rotating sleeve.  Valve packing is designed to not have any visible leakage and effect a tighter seal between the valve stem and the stationary packing.

There are two main types of valve packing: ring-shaped or in rope form, of which the latter can be cut to size as required.  Rope valve packing is typically made of Graphite or Teflon, which self-lubricates to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.  Elastomeric and fibrous materials are also common.

Can pump and valve packings be used interchangeably? Some pump packing can be used in valves, but valve packing must not be used in pump application.  Some packing is specifically designed to be used in either type of equipment.  Please contact Kemtron to discuss your pump or valve packing requirement to ensure that you select the correct packing for your application.


At Kemtron we offer pump and valve packing to deal with sealing within the following environments:

  • Packing for high temperature conditions
  • Packing for high pressure conditions
  • Packing to deal with high chemical resistance
  • Packing for rotary and reciprocating requirements
  • Packing suitable for abrasive and viscous media
  • Packing for high shaft speed

Kemtron supplies the following range of pump and valve packing:

  • Packing designed for slurry applications
  • Packing designed for Tank Covers that offer increased chemical resistance
  • Braided packing: PTFE Packing, Graphite Packing, Synthetic Packing and Hybrid Packing
  • Extreme Temperature Packing made from ceramic fibre and reinforced with aluminium, chromium and other non-ferrous metals

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