Supply Chain Support

Kemtron supports customers who adopt Just In Time or other systems within the Lean Thinking approach to production or customer service.  The concept of Lean Thinking first adopted by Toyota is where you focus in efficiency creating value for your customers.

By collaborating with Kemtron we can hold your component stock for you allowing you to use you capital efficiently.

In addition by using our manufacturing capabilities we can manufacture Just In Time to match your weekly and monthly production schedules and call offs.

By collaborating with Kemtron we will offer the following:

  • Agree in advance to carry minimum stock levels
  • Use your part numbers on all paper trail to ensure full paper trail for your team
  • Packaging & labeling service to ensure that when goods are received by your team they can be identified and efficiently placed in the right hands at the right time
  • Priority emergency service for any parts or components without Minimum Order Quantity or additional Kemtron charges for priority manufacturing service
  • Weekly or Monthly call offs for custom manufactured components.

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