Spare Parts for Boiler Maintenance

Kemtron supplies a large range of boiler maintenance spare parts, these include, Boiler Door Joints, Graphite Packing Sleeves, Gauge Glass Cones, Gauge Glass Tubes, Borosilicate Glass, Ceramic/Glass Webbings, Rope, Ladder Tapes, Fire Blanket, Ceramic paper, Fibrefrax Board.

Our Door Joints are most commonly used at operating pressures of 180 psi (12.4 bar) and 380°F. (193°C.) (steam pressure applications) for an average service life of up to one year.  When used at pressures of 200 psi + the lifetime of the boiler joints decreases.  That being said as the application changes (.ie – water, condensate and air vessels) where the operating conditions become far less severe, (below 250°F./121°C) you will find that the service life extends considerably. Kemtron Gaskets & Seals stock a vast range of Boiler Door Joints, most sizes as standard, although bespoke sizes can be supplied.

Boiler Gasket Materials

On the fire side of the boiler gasketing is usually done with fiberglass rope or tape.  This can handle temperatures of more than 1,000°F.  Another option is graphite foil, often formed into a spiral wound gasket for sealing flanges.  Kemtron stocks a wide range of spiral wound gaskets for all your boiler maintenance requirements.

We also supply the Fishbone Gasket as an alternative to Spiral Wound Gasket.  The Fishbone Gasket has a lower leak rate and will improve the efficiency of the boiler.

On the water side the primary consideration is tolerance to steam.  Secondary requirements are good tensile strength, (to resist the internal pressures,) and resistance to corrosive acids and water treatment chemicals. Heat and oxygen tend to oxidize many elastomeric gasket materials, and this should also be considered when selecting boiler gaskets.

All-in-all, the water side environment usually leads to EPDM gaskets.  They have a wide temperature range, good compressibility, and the excellent steam resistance that’s needed.

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