Corrosion & Surface Repair

Sometimes you will need to repair rust (corrosion) without the use of sandblast for surface preparation.  Sandblasting is not safe nor appropriate in in highly flammable environments; and sensitive environments where food, beverage or pharmaceutical products are being processed.  At times you may not be able to avail of sandblasting in offshore environments, for example to cure corrosion of wind turbine masts.

In high humid environments such as Ireland, flash rust can occur within minutes of sandblasting making your efforts to sandblast for surface preparation completely void.  In small areas that require rust repair, the cost of sandblasting does not make sense.

NRX Nanoprime is the only coating that can be applied directly on a rusted surface without the need for sandblasting.  It will repair your rust and prevent recurring corrosion.

NRX can be applied over corroded steel, galvanised steel and old painted structures.  Using high pressure water wash the surface and immediately apply the NRX.  There is no need for surface to dry allowing you to complete your repair and repaint on a wet surface – saving you time on the job.

The coating reacts with the rust on steel and galvanised steel to create a long term protective coating.  NRX replaces the need of any additional primer and can be painted over to completely repair your corroded surface.

Corrosion Repair & Corrosion Prevention

Repair of Surface Damage

QUICK CURE EPOXY STICK is a hand-mixable, fast-setting epoxy putty for quick, permanent repairs to glass, ceramics, metals, concrete, wood, and numerous plastics.  After mixing it forms an industrial-strength polymer compound for numerous repairs around the home or workshop.

Surface repair


  • Repairs in 20 minutes
  • Fix leaking pipes, fills holes & cracks
  • Bonds to PVC, Fibreglass, Metal etc.
  • Non-toxic & Solvent-free
  • No special tool or hot works required
  • Withstands temperature up to 150°C
  • Can be tapped, drilled, sanded and painted after cure
  • Safe for drinking water and resistant to most chemicals

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