Emergency Sealing

Leaks can happen when you least expect it.  To deal with emergency leaks Kemtron offers you the following solutions:

Pipe Leaks

Wrap Seal Ultra is a quick repair kit for pipe leaks.  By applying a quick cure epoxy onto the leak area and then wrapping the repaired area with a fiberglass cloth, Wrap Seal Ultra creates an instant seal to repair the leak.  The following is a summary of its features:

  • Repairs under active leak up to 150psi pressure
  • No shutdown required
  • Works on any metal or non-metal pipes
  • Repairs leak in 15 minutes
  • Applicable to pipes up to 18” diameter
  • Withstands pressure up to 500psi
  • Withstands temperature up to 200°C
  • Ideal for pipeline reinforcement
  • Safe for drinking water & resistant to most chemicals
  • Can seal a live low pressure steam leak without shutting the line
  • Special Wrap Seal available for leaks in water and waste water pipe infrastructure
  • Suitable for pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing facilities

Express & Emergency O-Rings

The Weicon O-Ring Bonding Set has been introduced as a Emergency Kit.  It is there for producing sealing rings on site when there is no time nor other means of sourcing the required sealing rings.

Express & Emergency Gaskets

Weicon Gasket Maker has been introduced as an Emergency Gasket replacement.  It is there for replacing a gasket for temporary period on site when there is no time nor other means of sourcing the required gasket within the given parameters and requirements of the gasket specifications.

Weicon Gasket Maker is a strong and permanently elastic special sealant that cures with air humidity and practically without shrinkage.  Gasket Maker has a very good adhesion to steel, aluminum, glass, ceramic and many other materials.

The Weicon Gasket Maker has an excellent temperature, oil and grease resistance, pressure and ageing resistance, UV stable and permanently elastic.  The special sealant can be used on engines and water pumps, gears axles, oil sumps and in many other applications.

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