Technical Sprays & Greases

These can be defined under 4 Categories:

  1. Surface and Anti-corrosion coatings
  2. Cleaning and Degreasing
  3. Release and Separating
  4. Lubrication, Care and Maintenance

Metal and Anti-Corrosion Sprays

Zinc, Aluminum Sprays, Stainless Steel Spray, Chrome Silver Spray, Copper Spray, Brass Spray, and Corro-Protection (corrosion protection).

A coating with metal spray protects surfaces against penetrating moisture, and provides optimum protection against all types of corrosion.  In addition, the sprays can be used to upcycle worn-out components.

Cleaning and Degreasing

Weicon Cleaner Spray, Burner Cleaner, Brake Cleaner, Sealant and Adhesive Remover.

For residue-free removal of, oil, grease and wax residues.  Optimal for basic cleaning prior to assembly work as well as for degreasing of bearings and couplings as well as brake cleaning in automotive applications.

Release and Separating

Rust Loosener and Contact Spray, Anti-Seize Assembly Spray, Anti Seize Compound.

Kemtron stocks Weicon’s range of products including its Copper Paste Lubrication, care and maintenance Teflon® Spray, Bio-Cut, Adhesive Spray, Hand Protection Foam.

Teflon® Spray

Teflon® Spray is a grease-free, dry-film lubricant, also for use as an excellent release agent, made on the basis of PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene).

Applications • on sliding rails and guides • on conveyor belts, conveyor rollers and chutes • locks and hinges • on cutting tools and packaging machines • as a permanent lubricant for shafts in plastic bearings• as a silicone-free alternative to silicone-containing release agents and • wherever oil or grease lubricants are not permitted or desired.

Teflon®=Registered trademark of E.I. Du Pont.


Bio-Cut is a high-performance cutting oil with a highly efficient lubricating effect which allows faster cutting speeds, longer tool life and increased cutting performance.

Applications • drilling and turning • milling and broaching • cutting and punching • Bio-Cut is free of mineral oil and fully biodegradable.  As such it contributes to an active environmental protection as it does not contain chlorine, sulphur, barium, lead, cadmium, nitrite, PCB and formaldehyde.

Food Grade USDA NSF H1 Silicone Grease

Due to its NSF H1 registration, WEICON Silicone Grease is suitable as a lubricant in sensitive areas where inadvertent contact to food is possible.  It can be used in the food and beverage industry, in sanitary and pharmaceutical industry.  The grease is exceptionally material-friendly, neutral in odour and taste and has a temperature resistance of -50°C to +200°C.

WEICON Silicone Grease is suitable for the lubrication of plastics, rubber parts and seals, valves, fittings and gaskets, machines, equipment, slow rotating bearings and as assembly aid for O-rings.

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